Vote GDA 2011 for KPOPWAVE Popularity Award Special Super Junior :

Open this Link : KPOPWAVE VOTE


Vote GDA 2011 for MSN JAPAN and MSN International 

Popularity Award Special Super Junior :

Go to the MSN International Vote site


MSN Japan Vote

How Tutorial For Vote MSN Japan and MSN International Using Private Browsing : KLIK


Mashable (International poll/Very important after Kpopwave and MSN GDA):

Sign in with ur facebook or twitter account and vote for SJ at 3 categories, best mobile game, viral video of the year and must fallow musician on social media, here is the link:




Credit by : and

Shared and Uploaded by : (@OurSoul_SuJu)



About oursoulsuju

This fanbased is dedicated just for our Oppas (Super Junior) ♥ Will give them the GDA this year. We are belong to ELF around the world.4ever Super Junior ELF

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