1. Open Link MNET , wait for minute and then open website same with picture

2. Klik SIGN UP, locate in Top Right.


3. Write email Address, User name, Password (Min.8 caracter) and confirm Password (same with Password), choose Gender : Male or Female, Click (V) for I AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF USE and I AGREE WITH THE PRIVACY POLICY.


When you have account Facebook and Twitter, you can sign up simple for Facebook and twitter.

4. After you input data, you will get the picture. You just click Close


5. Open your account email, from : yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com, or etc


6. After you open email, you have get email from MNET.


7. Open email from MNET


 8. Please COPY and PASTE link from email http://global.mnet.com/member/member_step3.m

9. After that you will get this picture, You must insert Certification Number. You can get certificate number from email MNET, just copy and paste


 11.  If you want change picture you just choose File and click change photo, and SAVE CHANGES

12. After that, Click LOG OUT from your account in MNET.



NB :

  • It’s easy…so I hope you can many have account and please vote Super Junior in MAMA, MELON, and GOLDEN DISK AWARD
  • About Tutorial MAMA for VOTE SUPER JUNIOR, I will update later because VOTE MAMA Starting from 01 November 2011. 🙂

Credit. Oursoulsuju.wordpress.com


About oursoulsuju

This fanbased is dedicated just for our Oppas (Super Junior) ♥ Will give them the GDA this year. We are belong to ELF around the world.4ever Super Junior ELF

17 responses »

  1. many accounts,means need to hv many email accounts rite?nway,thankKYU!~~<3

    • oursoulsuju says:

      @Sapphire Suekyu Elf, yes 🙂
      but we have a project too..we have among 100 ID on each MAMA and GDA, and we gonna give it to ELFwith some agreements ^^
      Just wait 🙂

  2. park.shi min says:

    thanks alot … =))
    BUT , can i make an account after voting starts ?

  3. oursoulsuju says:

    @park.shi min Yes you can, but better you make it now as much as you can, so when the voting starts you can just vote dirrectly..it will be easy for you when the time to vote comes ^^

  4. park.shi min says:

    arasso ….. THX ^^

    FIGHTHING (^0^)/*

  5. park.shi min says:

    we can only vote once ? =$$

    • oursoulsuju says:

      Yes, one day just one vote.. Beacuse of it we advice all ELF to have much account,,as much as you can make the email account, then make lots ID for voting GDA each day.. ^^

  6. ynfish93 says:

    when will we vote for them? I really dont know it, then, gomawo

  7. agiza_hae says:

    thanks 4 info,but why i can’t sign up?its hard to enter…

  8. sos says:

    i heard the global mnet account dosn’t work in mnet mama voting !
    we must make an account in kor mnet ?

  9. HAEDDICTED says:

    Mnet Not send me the Confirmation Email YET
    i’ve signed up about an hour ago T______T
    did Mnet have send you an email confirmation guys?!?!

  10. sos says:

    ^^ thank You

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