for your info login is 로그인 in the page..

KpopWave Fanpage and Voting

Let’s join Super Junior’s Fanpage on KpopWave to increase their ranking

you can register unlimited IDs on this page ^^ just get ready for GDA Popularity Vote~HOHO

Good Luck Super Junior!!! 화이팅!!

p/s: Golden Disk Award 2011 will be held in Osaka, Japan next January 3rd-4th

Credit. sammy0827@tumblr

About oursoulsuju

This fanbased is dedicated just for our Oppas (Super Junior) ♥ Will give them the GDA this year. We are belong to ELF around the world.4ever Super Junior ELF

13 responses »

  1. saku says:

    I dont understand how vote 4 the gold disc

  2. I don’t know why I didn’t see this -> even I’m already login T____T Help me please….

  3. oursoulsuju says:

    @sangdewisilver Maybe you need to refresh your page.. 🙂
    But the GDA voting did not start yet..we’ll update if the voting will start..just stay on our fanbased timeline on ywitter or this blog 🙂

  4. i’ve done with the registration but still lost in which part to vote.

  5. pylhlub says:

    so i just voted and it seems like SuJu are winning according to this

    correct me if i’m wrong…

  6. lovekyu kpop says:

    when will i can vote for suju? is the gda voting has start? help me…**little confused**

  7. lovekyu kpop says:

    i also need a help to vote suju in melon music awards…the page all in,i cant understand what it me…PLEASE!! i dont know korean but im addicted to suju…

    • oursoulsuju says:

      Sorry for late reply ^^
      On Melon, for International ELF cant sign in coz you need the Korean for overseas ELF we can help by searching SUPER JUNIOR on Melon page ^^

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