Ever since Super Junior announced their SS4, fans from all over the world are anticipating it and want to reserve the nearest seat at the concerts.

Recently, the ticket sale for the first concert in Seoul started at October 13th through an online website and, according to website, tickets sold out in just 8 minutes. Some vendors report that it only took 180 seconds.

UK’s ‘One Direction’ has the record of selling out concert tickets in just 10 seconds. Although Super Junior didn’t broke their record, as a South Korean band, it is a big achievement. Super Junior can be called the second band for highest ticket sale.

Moreover, Super Junior’s SS4 ‘World Tour’ will start from November 19th with concerts in Seoul.


Source: 100gfalia 
Shared on sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by elf101586

Repost : Oursoul_Suju

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This fanbased is dedicated just for our Oppas (Super Junior) ♥ Will give them the GDA this year. We are belong to ELF around the world.4ever Super Junior ELF

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  1. Sj-Project says:

    Hello, we are SJ-Project. We were recentli informed of a Korean-American ELF who composed a video dedicated to Super Junior, and after watching this video, we realized how touching and moving the tribute was. We would like to ask for help in spreading this video tribute to Super Junior. ELF is trying very hard to get this video to every single ELF in the world and even trying to get Super Junior to watch this video. Please help ELF use this video as a message to Super Junior before their hiatus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgTvIeZ9vjQ
    Thank you so much!

  2. pylhlub says:

    anybody selling SS4 tickets??? if so please contact me at eunhae06@yahoo.com

    btw the video posted by Sj-Project is an encouragement to attend SS4….it boosted up my “wanted to go” feeling even higher….

    • oursoulsuju says:

      you can buy tickets SS4 in GMarket dear.. 🙂

      • pylhlub says:

        i tried on the first day when it was open for the public…and it was sold out within 4 seconds…at least to me it seems like 4 seconds…cus as soon as i click it was all gone… 😦

        so i’m just asking if anyone is selling tickets other than Gmarket.

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